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we help Entrepreneurs, Experts, Executives and Educators get Recognised as the AUTHORity your work deserves

No Time to Write

You know your stuff but there's never time to write...

No Bullseye

You lack clarity for your message, brand and audience

Beyond Books

You'd love the freedom from passive profit media products

Partner Publishing

You'd love more fulfilment influence satisfaction happiness

What's our Why?

We all want to feel recognised, and be of real value.

Leaving a legacy is truly rewarding, with books and media your work can live forever! Sempré Vivá!

We believe information should be accessible so that it's Installable, Recallable and Rewarding. 

To do that we've developed a process that repurposes and makes the delivery of our Author Experts work easily digestible and available to all Styles of learning, and makes it "Hypnotic". 

We publish and produce fast, fun effective, life enhancing and business boosting, print, media and events. 

We're HypnoArts, welcome to our gang. 😀 😎

How it works

Discover how just one process creates your Focused Foundation right through to Full Media Products and beyond - watch the video

Here are just a few of the book brands created in Partner Publishing

Living Proof of Rewards

"Guys! I just got the books!!! To hold my first book in my hand is just such a dream come true and I’m feeling so proud right now. Thank you so much!"
Tim Box 
"Hi Jon, just had an email from the manager of Hiblio TV - the educational medium for training, education and awareness in the NHS! Saw the book and wants an interview!" 
Paula C Whitfield

"I'm having lunch at a Castle in Devon with my publishers. We spent the WHOLE morning creating and writing my book from scratch! Oh the Work! LOL"
Tim Moorey


We promote your Author Expert work via social feeds and on the HypnoArtsAPP to our global audience of Self Awareness and Influence fans 

"When you pick up one of our Author Experts books, you won’t have to put it down."

Foundation Focus
Online Workshop Class

This process is perfect for entrepreneurs, experts, executives and educators of all types who need more catalyst than coach to get your work to the world. 

Get a bullseye targeted Brand and Book format and strategy.

Your message will gain clarity as we step by step target your Audience, Outcome, Benefits and USP

This programme takes you to a level of publishable ePub book creation.

It gives you the know-how to get printed and more if you want to follow through.

You're shown proven and strong strategies to repurpose your book. 

You'll get promotion and media production plans for you to DIY.

You're shown why and how to make your work Hypnotic.

Developed by one of Britain's leading subconscious edutainers on mindset.
Live would cost £999

We run these 2 evening workshops online, so basically at your place, using Zoom meetings...

They happen whenever we have enough - usually 6 - attendees registered.

The cost is reflective of the expense 

HypnoArts Books video mini foundation focus course


Live for teams, groups or 1 on 1
£795.00 PP per full half day

Publishing Partner

Because books are still the number 1 path to Authority, and you are an expert in your field - not a writer

A deep dive Foundation Focus facilitation 1 to 1 interview, via Internet or phone {90 minutes}

Book creation interview script and branding created.

 Co-creation Interview (writes) your book {90 minutes}

 We then, print, publish, and produce a full media promotion package. 
We create your Book with professional format, design and registration.

We'll design and supply marketing copy, imaging, guide your promotion and supply social presence support.

Worldwide distribution to ALL book stores, on and off line. 

We help you with Social Set up direction FaceBook, LinkedIn groups and Book/Brand pages.

We create and host the Book SEO'd landing page website.

Book production time approximately 8 weeks from contracts signed.

Inclusion in ALL HypnoArts  catalogues, cross promotions and Apps.

No 'membership' or follow-up fees.



£999.67 X 3 months 
January 1st 2018 will be

Premium Partner

At base - ours in Devon UK

Or yours UK - rehearsal, direction and recording of the book and media facilitation interview.

We create, distribute and host audio and online Video Tutorial Versions.

Production and marketing material for follow up live Q&A for coaching for Online Tutorial, we'll produce and edit this so don't worry.

Coaching, Directing and script writing in speaking and presenting your idea.
Book Launch event production in your home town or at a large publishing and press industry city.

Articles professionally ghost-written for submission to guest blogs and magazines.

Professionally prepared and distributed personalised press representation - PR.

HypnoArts Speaker Agency representation, diary and PA services.
Workshop and event planning creation & promotion.

Coaching in audience engagement via live video on social networks.

Guest speaker spots at online and live HypnoArtsEvents and retreats.


£2333.00  X 3 months 
January 1st 2018 will be

Contact Us

Note: we do not accept everyone on our partnership programmes, you have to have 'proven expertise', the purpose, passion, patience and persistence to create something we can really turn into a legacy, and we have to 'fit'. . .
So initially you'll have a strategy call with our founders. . . we do not use sales staff or call centres.

Apply for a strategy call with best selling Author & Award winning Edutainer Jonathan Chase and CEO Jane Bregazzi
no Sales Staff!

Call now +44 1392 314090

1, Emperor Way, Exeter, UK
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